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Statistics Collected From Golf Courses In New Zealand

There are over 400 golf courses in New Zealand. The most northern would be at Houhora and the most southern on Stewart Island. Two of the golf courses in New Zealand that probably do not get many visitors would be on the Chatham Islands.

Here is some interesting statistics about golf in New Zealand -

  • 482,000 adults over 18 years play golf each year on private and public golf courses in New Zealand (New Zealand population is just over 4 million)
  • It is the number one sport for men and number two sport for women
  • 138,000 golfers are registered golf club members
  • 7 million rounds of golf are played in New Zealand each year
  • There are 399 registered golf courses in New Zealand. This is the highest number of courses per capita in the world
Active Golfers   414,000
   -315,000 are male (74%) 315,000
   -99,000 are female (26%) 99,000
Primary Age Group 20 - 59 269,000
Primary Household Income Group $60 - $100K 82,000
  $100K plus 36,000
Primary Occupational Groups Business/Professional 100,000
  • The typical golfer - Males 20 - 59 in upper occupations with upper incomes
  • They are 113% more likely to play golf than the average person
  • 138% more likely than average to be heavy internet users
  • This market of golfers is highly computer literate and the internet is its most favoured medium - surpassing the nearest traditional media in usage by an enormous 126%

As you will discover, golf courses in New Zealand are of world standard, set in scenery that is nothing short of out of this world. Whether you're thinking of a New Zealand golfing holiday or just a quick round of golf during your vacation, New Zealand is both a golfer's paradise and simply paradise for a round of golf.

Discover more about the diverse range of over 400 golf courses in New Zealand.


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