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New Zealand Golf Course FAQs

How far do you have to travel from one New Zealand golf course to another?
Not far - there are about 400 golf courses here. In many districts you can have up to six courses within 30 - 45 minute drive of each other. In the less populated areas of the country you would have to travel further - but often these will be the most memorable.

When is the best time to visit and play on a New Zealand golf course?
You can play all year round in New Zealand. Because of our unique climate we are fortunate that golf is available all year round. Courses may be closed from time to time because of adverse weather, coring or major club tournaments.

What sort of facilities does a New Zealand golf club provide?
The average New Zealand golf course and club has a comfortable club house with bar and catering services, golf shop and changing and shower facilities. Many of the clubs are starting to offer campervan parks with power connections. Clubs welcome visitors and often are able to partake in club days, local tournaments and twilight events. If you stay at one of the resort courses you find all the facilities at a luxury level.

Do I have to book a tee time to play on a New Zealand golf course?
Not all the time. If you are in the main cities of New Zealand it would be advisable to phone and check for times. If you out in the rural areas and small towns you often find you can play more or less straightaway, unless it is club or competition day - but then you could always join in!!

What would I expect to pay for a round of golf?
The average cost to play on a New Zealand golf course is $20 - $25. The resort courses will be anything from $80 up to $300. The top New Zealand golf courses can charge up to $50 - $60. These courses have often hosted New Zealand golf competitions and are well established. Go to some of the country 9 hole golf courses and you can pay as little as $5.

Visit our map, choose an area and simply 'click' to learn more about any major New Zealand golf course.


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